LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Perfect Night’ Achieves Long-Run Success on Billboard, Spotify, and Melon Charts

LE SSERAFIM, a rising K-pop girl group, has been showcasing their sustained popularity with their first English digital single ‘Perfect Night’, both domestically and internationally. According to the latest Billboard chart released on January 6th, ‘Perfect Night’ ranked 39th on the ‘Global (excluding the U.S.)’ chart and 76th on the ‘Global 200’, marking its ninth consecutive week on these charts.

The song’s enduring appeal is also evident on Spotify, where it recently climbed 38 spots to reach 108th on the ‘Daily Top Songs Global’ chart as of January 2nd. This significant jump indicates the growing international interest in the track.

Domestically, ‘Perfect Night’ has reclaimed its number one position on the Melon Daily Chart, adding to the group’s achievements during the year-end festive season. Initially topping the chart on November 20th last year, the song maintained the top spot for 29 consecutive days. Despite a temporary drop in rankings due to the popularity of Carol songs during the holiday season, ‘Perfect Night’ regained the first position on December 28th and has continued to hold it into the new year, as per the latest chart dated January 2nd. This trend suggests that LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Perfect Night’ is set to maintain its popularity well into the new year.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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