LE SSERAFIM’s “Perfect Night” Charts on Billboard for 7 Consecutive Weeks, Gains Global Momentum

LE SSERAFIM is experiencing continued success with their new song “Perfect Night” on the U.S. Billboard charts. As per the latest charts released by Billboard on December 23 (local time), LE SSERAFIM’s first English digital single “Perfect Night” has been charting for seven consecutive weeks, ranking 21st on the ‘Global (excl. U.S.)’ chart and 47th on the ‘Global 200’ chart.

The popularity of “Perfect Night” is evident across various domestic and international charts. On Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform, the song has consistently charted for 51 days, securing the 143rd position on the ‘Daily Top Songs Global’ as of December 18. Additionally, it continues to dominate the top spot in domestic music charts.

In another notable achievement, a track from LE SSERAFIM’s first full album, “Eve, Psyche, and Bluebeard’s Wife,” was ranked third in the ’25 Best K-pop Songs of 2023′ by British magazine NME. NME highlighted the track’s Jersey club-based uptempo beat, consistent electro chord progression, addictive rhythm, and contrasting languid vocals, particularly praising the “I’m a mess mess mess” section led by Heo Yoon-jin’s profound voice.

Moreover, the music video for their album’s title song “UNFORGIVEN (feat. Nile Rodgers)” was selected as one of the ‘Best K-Pop Music Videos of 2023’ by American magazine Teen Vogue.

Source: heraldpop.com


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