Lee Chae-yeon Teases Dramatic Transformation with New Concept Video Ahead of Comeback

Lee Chae-yeon’s latest video release has sparked curiosity among fans. On June 20 at midnight, WM Entertainment unveiled a concept film titled ‘SHOWDOWN: INTRO’ on their official channels, serving as a teaser for Lee Chae-yeon’s upcoming third mini-album.

The short yet impactful video captures attention with its unique visuals. Unlike the pre-released video for the track ‘Summer Heat,’ ‘SHOWDOWN: INTRO’ presents a different vibe, enhancing anticipation for the title track and new concept.

In the video, Lee Chae-yeon is seen standing at the edge of a diving board in an exotic pool setting. Accompanying this scene are thought-provoking captions: “I felt like other types were existing inside of me and each pulled me in a different direction,” “Should I leave far away to a place where no one can find me?” and “Don’t confuse me anymore.” These lines heighten intrigue about the album’s narrative and themes.

From the captivating summer dance in ‘Summer Heat’ to the enigmatic ‘SHOWDOWN: INTRO,’ Lee Chae-yeon continues to showcase a diverse array of moods and charms, fueling excitement for her new album and its performance elements. Her third mini-album ‘SHOWDOWN’ is already receiving strong support from domestic and international fans.

Lee Chae-yeon’s third mini-album ‘SHOWDOWN’ will be released on July 3 at 6 PM, building high expectations with its fresh concept and dynamic visuals.

Source: newsen.com


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