“Like BTS and Blackpink”… Checkmate’s online showcase

Checkmate (Yongseok, Sieun, Suri, Noah) held an online showcase to commemorate the release of their second single ‘YOU’ on the afternoon of the 29th.
Checkmate members expressed strong satisfaction with the new song ‘YOU’.
Yongseok said, “I remember that all of the members listened to the new song and liked it,” he said. “Main story is about passionate dance between men and women, but if you listen closely to the lyrics, it means that we, who are trapped in the rules, break the rules together.
‘YOU’ is more sexy, relaxed, and powerful.”
Yongseok added, “I was grateful and amusing because many overseas fans liked it. Many people like ‘drums’, so the number of YouTube views has exceeded 1 million.”
As for the pledge to break through 5 million views, he said, “I thought about the pledge that only a co-ed group can make,” and “I decided to change the parts to do men’s and women’s dresses and choreograph.”
When asked which country he would like to go on an overseas tour after COVID19 calms down, Noah said, “I want to go to the United States and share Checkmate to more people around the world.”
Yongseok said, “It is possible to show a unique performance as co-ed group that cannot be done in existing boy or girl groups. It seems that we can show the strength and flexibility at the same time.”

Source: www.hankyung.com


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