LOONA’s “Midnight” activity ended… proved global success

LOONA maintained steady popularity with the title song ‘Why Not?’ of the third mini-album ‘Midnight’ (12:00) released in October, and the follow-up song ‘Star (English version of Voice)’. During this time, they are breaking various records and expanding their domestic and international presence.
‘Midnight’ (12:00), which expresses LOONA’s unique ‘Midnight Festival’ with four concepts, reached No. 1 on iTunes album charts in 51 countries including the United States at the time of release, ranked No. 1 in the world wide for 3 consecutive days, and entered the ‘Top 200’ chart of Rolling Stone for two weeks in a row. It also entered the top 100 in the official album download chart of the UK official chart, capturing K-pop fans who waited for LOONA.
Focusing on global promotions in earnest, playing LOONA’s track ‘Star’ on the famous US radio channel ‘102.7 KIIS FM’ and conducting an interview with a popular US radio channel. They also joined the lineup of ‘JingleBall Village’, a pre-show of ‘JingleBall’, the largest year-end performance in the US. This year’s 2020 ‘JingleBall’ and ‘JingleBall Village’ were held on radio due to COVID 19, but famous pop singers such as Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa decorated the lineup, and LOONA was a K-pop girl group that appeared in about 10 years.
Looking at LOONA, which is prominent in the world as a K-pop group, the US economic magazine ‘Forbes’ said, “LOONA and ‘Star’ captured the attention from a major US radio media, which has a rather high entry barrier, and LOONA is one of the few K-pop artists in Billboard 200 chart this year. We need to keep an eye on the next move of LOONA.”



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