Lunarsolar, Weeekly, STAYC, 4th generation idol emerging powerhouse


Groups LUNARSOLAR, Weeekly, and STAYC are scaringly emerging as ‘4th generation idol emerging powerhouses’. Lunarsolar, who debuted in September of last year with the title track of their first single album, ‘Solar: Flare’, ‘I like to play’, performed a live stage like a performance using a custom hand microphone on every stage, and held an intense debut ceremony.  Lunarsolar, who was notable for their strong vocal skills and a uniform chemistry, appeared on KBS2’s “Sketchbook of Yoo Hee-yeol” just a month after their debut, and was recognized as a “skillful girl group”. Lunarsolar will start their activity again on the 7th with their second single album, ‘SOLAR: Rise’. 
Weeekly’s recently announced mini album ‘We Play’ achieved sales of close to 19,000 copies of initial sales (record sales for a week from the date of release), and once again set its own record high, moving like a leader in the fourth-generation girl group. Compared to its predecessor, it recorded a 45% increase in sales, breaking the record for their own highest initial sales.  
STAYC releases the title track of their second single, STAYDOM, and makes a comeback. STAYC members expressed their determination, “Within our freedom, we will show a stronger teen fresh and confident appearance based on our teen and kitsch feelings.”




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