Lunarsolar, who plays well, is more fun and confident… Comeback with ‘SOLAR: Rise’

Lunarsolar (Lee Seo, Tae-ryeong, Jian, Yu Woori) held an online showcase to commemorate the release of their second single album ‘SOLAR: Rise’ on the afternoon of the 7th. Tae-ryeong said, “This is Lunarsolar’s first showcase. We will perform happily with a grateful heart and return.” Lunarsolar, who showed off their energetic charm with their debut song ‘I like to play’, further emphasized the charm that pops out with this ‘Dadada’. Tae-ryeong explained about the album, “If the sun just came out with the previous work ‘Solar Flare’, ‘Solar Rise’ contains the meaning that it is the turn for the sun to rise.” The title song ‘Dadada’, the part that they care most about was a strong message. Lee Seo said, “The song has a high tension, and we tought about how to express ‘I’m going to do it all my own way!’ confidently and charismatically with only our voices.”  
After their debut song ‘I like to play’, Tae-ryeong confessed that she wanted to become an ‘ending fairy’ this time, saying, “I studied various expressions.”  
Lee Seo said, “When we made our debut in the past, we tried to show the assortment properly, such as group dance and live, but in ‘Dadada’ we tried to express a more exciting and relaxed appearance. We made it look like we are really playing.”  
Lunarsolar’s second single album ‘Solar: Rise’ will be released at 6 pm on the 7th.



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