‘M Countdown’ reorganization → Daniel Kang and Chungha comeback stages

In this week’s “M Countdown”, Daniel Kang’s comeback stage will be set for the first time, with a new digital single ‘PARANOIA’. A stage that viewers can not take their eyes off will be unfolded through a group dance with a different dimension like a panorama.
Chungha, who released her first studio album ‘Querencia’ and proved her status as an unrivaled female solo artist, also has her first comeback stage in ‘M Countdown’.
(G)I-DLE Mi-yeon and actor Yoon-soo Nam, newly selected as MCs, are also preparing for a new ceremony.
Mi-yeon and Nam Yoon-soo will communicate with global fans through K-POP as MCs of “M Countdown,” and perform various activities.
“M Countdown” is expected to introduce a new section called ‘Storage M’. ‘Storage M’ is a time to meet once again the legend stages that have been broadcast in ‘M Countdown’ so far, and it will present special cover stages along with the legend stage clips.
In this week’s ‘M Countdown’, BTS’s ‘M Countdown’ legend stage will be unfolded with the video and VICTON’s Sejun, Subin, ASTRO’s Jinjin, Raki, Sanha, Pentagon Wooseok, and Keno will present the special cover stage.
Today (18th) in ‘M Countdown’, Hyuna, Ga-in Song, Woo-seok Kim, CIX, Dream Catcher, ONEUS, Cherry Bullet, etc. are scheduled to attend and present stages with intense heat.
Mnet ‘M Countdown’, where you can see the latest K-POP trends every week at a glance, will be broadcast live on 18th at 6 pm (local time in Korea).

Source: sports.donga.com


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