“M Countdown”, Super Junior and Jessi comeback. Blackpink Rose’s solo debut

Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’, which airs on the 18th, has a rich special stage from comeback to debut.
The comeback rush of popular artists, the solo debut of Blackpink Rose, the stage of trot hero Lim Young-woong, Brave Girls who is the protagonist of regaining popularity myth, and the debut stage of K-POP prospects.
According to the production crew, Super Junior, Jessi, Pentagon, WOODZ, Weeekly, and Drippin’s comeback stages and Blackpink Rose’s solo debut stage are expected to capture the attention with a more spectacular stage than ever.
Super Junior will present the stage of ‘House Party’, the title track of the 10th full full album, and the stage of the track ‘Burn the floor’, which is addicted to a cheerful and exciting rhythm and guitar riff.
Blackpink Rose, who is sweeping major global charts with her first single album, “R,” has a solo debut with the title track “On The Ground” and the track “Gone”.
With the release of the album, Rosé, who is drawing a lot of attention by breaking various new records in the number of music video views and album sales, is drawing attention from global fans as to what stage she will show with a sweet, delicate, and powerful vocal.
The stages of Jessi, Pentagon, WOODZ, Weekly and Driffin, who will unveil their comeback stages for the first time on the air through ‘M Countdown’, are also raising fans’ curiosity.
Jessi’s new digital single ‘What Type of X’ is a song that honestly expresses Jessi’s unique self-confidence and self-esteem.
WOODZ (Cho Seung-yeon), who is making a comeback with the new single “SET,” presents the stage of the title song “FEEL LIKE,” in which a chic bass line and a sexy guitar riff are harmonized.
Trot hero Lim Young-woong meets ‘M Countdown’ and is drawing keen interest on what kind of high-quality stage he will present.
The fresh debut stage of rookie groups that will present a new path is also a point to pay attention to in ‘M Countdown’ today.
In this week’s “M Countdown”, the Brave Girls, who is writing the myth of regaining popularity, appears once again.

Source: sports.donga.com


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