“Met fans from all over the world in 170 minutes” AB6IX, 2nd anniversary fan meeting successful

AB6IX successfully wrapped up an online fan meeting to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of their debut with fans around the world. At 5 pm on the 29th, at the third fan meeting ‘2021 AB6IX FANMEETING ABBI SCHOOL’, which was broadcast live online through the live platform hello82, AB6IX presented a set list and colorful corners reminiscent of a concert, in real time with fans for about 170 minutes. They communicated and made unforgettable special memories. The game corners that followed made the fan meeting more fruitful, and in the ‘Yeppi Gym’ corner prepared according to the school concept, the AB6IX members actively participated in the game sacrificing themselves in the burning desire to win, and doubled the fun. From the stage of Universe Music’s new song ‘GEMINI’ to the stage of ‘HOLD TIGHT’, the song from the second EP, to the first public stage prepared for this performance, the high-quality performance and splendid stage directing made it impossible for the global fans to take their eyes off of them and captivated the hearts. AB6IX said, “It was a fan meeting where we thought a lot about what the fans would like and how to organize the fan meeting well and prepared a lot.” On the other hand, AB6IX (Jeon Woong, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Woo-jin, Lee Dae-hwi) will be active in various fields such as entertainment appearances and acting activities in the future, and will continue to lead the global trend.

Source: isplus.live.joins.com


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