MONSTA X “I love you MONBEBE”… Outstanding at the year-end awards ceremony

MONSTA X won the ‘Best Performance’ award in recognition of its ability to show a high-quality stage with overwhelming performance and live capability that captivate the public in ‘2020 MMA’.rnOn this day, Monsta X raised the heat of the awards ceremony with an overwhelming stage like the protagonist of the “Best Performance” award.rnIn the ‘BEASTMODE’ stage immediately following, Hyungwon took off his shirt and announced the start of the explosive performance that MONSTA X will show, and presented a stage full of peculiar rough energy and wild beauty.rnThey appeared in a stylish black striped suit, and the new stage setting attracted attention as if members were sitting face to face in a table that ‘LOVE KILLA’ was written on, and enjoying a dinner.rnMONSTA X won the Asian Star Awards Singer Trophy, the best prize at the ‘2020 Asia Model Awards’, and ‘Best Stage’ award in ‘2020 MAMA’, in recognition of its outstanding performance.rnMonsta X, which gradually expanded its field of activities in Korea and abroad with a powerful stage, entered the top 5 of the Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’ by releasing its first full album ‘ALL ABOUT LUV’ in the United States earlier this year.rnMonsta X (Wonho, Shownu, I.M., Minhyuk, Jooheon, Hyungwon, Kihyun) plans to close 2020 with various activities at the end of the year.



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