‘Music Deity’ SEVENTEEN Makes a Comeback, Highlights Medley for Mini 11th Album Revealed

SEVENTEEN, the celebrated K-pop group, is gearing up for a grand return with their mini 11th album titled “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN.” On October 18, they unveiled a highlights medley video, providing fans with a sneak peek into the upcoming album set to release on October 23 at 6 PM KST. This album boasts seven tracks, including the title track “Music Deity,” along with various unit and group songs, each showcasing SEVENTEEN’s diverse talents.

The first track, “SOS,” marks SEVENTEEN’s collaboration with world-famous DJ Marshmello. It blends Marshmello’s distinctive sound with rock elements and Jersey club beats, promising to deliver the group’s trademark energetic and positive vibes. Following this, the title track “Music Deity” is a soul-funk-infused song characterized by lively synths and brass sounds, embodying a festive and happy atmosphere that SEVENTEEN is known for.

The album also includes tracks like “Diamond Days,” which samples one of SEVENTEEN’s debut album songs, and other unit tracks that emphasize the unique qualities of each team within the group. With an impressive 4.67 million pre-orders, “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” has set a new record for SEVENTEEN and is highly anticipated by fans worldwide. The album’s title playfully changes the English expression “Seventh Heaven” to reflect SEVENTEEN’s own special meaning, emphasizing the extreme happiness they bring to their listeners.

Source: newsen.com


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