“My Way of Speaking Might Seem Awkward” – IVE Explores Self-Discovery Amidst Others’ Perceptions in “Either Way”

South Korean girl group IVE, consisting of members Ahn Yujin, Lee Seo, Liz, Jang Wonyoung, Autumn, and Rae, released their first mini-album, “I’VE MINE,” on September 25th. This album marks their comeback after a five-month hiatus following their debut album, “I’ve IVE,” which was released in April. “I’VE MINE” aims to showcase IVE’s unique musical identity while portraying the diverse images of its members through a variety of tracks, with the added excitement of a triple title track release.

The first title track, “Either Way,” delves into the idea of not feeling truly free under the scrutiny of others. The song features a dreamy synth-based melody and heartfelt vocals, conveying the message that despite judgments and misunderstandings, one should remain true to themselves. The lyrics, written by singer-songwriter Sunwoo Junga, depict situations commonly experienced in contemporary society, emphasizing that being different and confidently moving forward are both valid ways of living.

IVE’s music video for “Either Way” was directed by the renowned commercial director Yoo Kwangkyung, promising a visually captivating and artistic experience for fans. The group’s comeback is highly anticipated, considering their successful debut with hit singles like “ELEVEN,” “LOVE DIVE,” “After LIKE,” and “Kitsch/I AM,” solidifying their position as a prominent fourth-generation K-pop group. With this new release, IVE aims to continue their impressive journey in the K-pop industry, leaving fans eager to see the impact they will make in the music scene.

Source: newsen.com


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