NCT 127 ranked first in ‘the best K-Pop comebacks of 2020 ranked’ by British media Metro

NCT 127 was ranked first in ‘the best K-Pop comebacks of 2020 ranked’ by British media Metro.
On the 28th (local time), the British daily newspaper Metro announced ‘the best K-Pop comebacks of 2020 ranked’, which selected 20 teams of K-POP artists who showed the most intense comeback this year through the official website. NCT 127, which made a comeback with ‘It’, won first place, as well as BoA, Super Junior, SuperM, Taemin, KAI, Red Velvet-Irene & Seulgi, and NCT DREAM, which made people realize the global power of SM.
For the title song ‘Better’, the title song of BoA’s 10th album, which was ranked 6th, Metro said, “the perfect way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of K-POP’s icon BoA,” and Taemin’s ‘Criminal’, ranked 7th, was mentioned, “Always good music. Taemin, who makes a comeback this year, played a dance song ‘Criminal’ with his attractive vocal,” and “Monster” by Red Velvet-Irene & Seulgi at 8th place, “It is a song with a sexy but a bit scary atmosphere like the title, contrasting with sweet vocals.”
In addition, NCT DREAM’s ‘Déjà Vu’, which ranked 19th, was mentioned, “It is a song that combines NCT DREAM’s refreshing sound and charisma, and irresistibly attractive to the chorus.”
“2YA2YAO!” of Super Junior, ranked 20th, was announced by K-POP Legend Super Junior in January.



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