NewJeans Announces Comeback on May 24th and Japan Debut in June

NewJeans is gearing up for a comeback and initiating their debut in Japan, with plans revealed by their agency, ADOR, on the 26th. Expressing gratitude towards the fans for their constant love and support, ADOR announced that NewJeans would be releasing double singles in Korea and Japan on May 24th and June 21st, respectively.

The May release will feature the title track ‘How Sweet’ and the B-side ‘Bubble Gum’, along with their instrumental versions, totaling four tracks. ‘Bubble Gum’, embodying the spring vibe of NewJeans, will be pre-released in April as a Japanese shampoo commercial song and a theme song for an information program.

For the June release, the double single will include the title track ‘Supernatural’, ‘Right Now’, and their instrumentals, again making up four tracks. This release marks NewJeans’ official debut in Japan, with the singles being distributed globally to enhance accessibility for fans worldwide.

Following the double single releases, NewJeans is set to host a fan meeting, ‘Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome’, on June 26th and 27th. This event, signaling their debut activities in Japan, will be their first solo performance at the Tokyo Dome, nearly two years since their debut.

With the upcoming fan meeting, NewJeans aims to lay the groundwork for a world tour planned for 2025. ADOR emphasizes the importance of ensuring a sufficient tracklist for a quality performance, securing practice time for the members, and managing their condition, hence avoiding an overly strenuous tour schedule or commitments.



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