NewJeans, ATEEZ, and PSY to Dazzle at KBS Immortal Songs: LIVE CONCERT at MetLife Stadium in US

In honor of 120 years of Korean immigration to the Americas, an exceptional musical event is set to dazzle audiences: KBS Immortal Songs: LIVE CONCERT in US. This grand celebration will take place at the renowned MetLife Stadium in the United States, featuring an ensemble of South Korea’s top artists, including the sensational group NewJeans, the dynamic performers ATEEZ, and the legendary entertainer PSY.

This night promises to be a musical spectacle like no other. As the iconic KBS Immortal Songs show goes global, it will showcase the best of Korean music on an international stage. NewJeans, known for their innovative lyrics and captivating melodies, will light up the stage, while ATEEZ, known for their electrifying performances, will set the audience ablaze. And of course, the internationally acclaimed PSY will bring his signature style and energy to the festivities.

This event is not just a celebration of 120 years of Korean immigration but also a testament to the cultural bridge music can build. It’s a night of nostalgia, unity, and exceptional performances as the MetLife Stadium resonates with the enchanting melodies of KBS Immortal Songs: LIVE CONCERT in US. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness NewJeans, ATEEZ, PSY, and more, as they come together to celebrate this historic occasion through the magic of music.

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