NEXZ, JYP’s First New Boy Group in Six Years, Debuts Globally Today

JYP Entertainment’s new boy group, NEXZ, is officially making their debut today.

NEXZ is the first boy group that JYP has launched in approximately six years since Stray Kids, and they were formed through the second season of the joint audition program ‘Nizi Project’ with Sony Music, Japan’s largest record label. The seven-member group, consisting of Tomoya, Yuu, Haru, So Gun, Seita, Hui, and Yuki, has an average age of 17. The group name NEXZ, short for ‘Next Z(G)eneration’, was created by JYP’s chief producer and ‘Nizi Project’ judge Park Jin-young, reflecting the ambition to usher in the next era with the music and performances of Gen Z members.

Their debut track, ‘Ride the Vibe’, features a sound that is both sensory and experimental, showcasing various sound variations. The song captures the waves of emotions such as excitement, anxiety, and anticipation that come with their debut, inviting listeners to “join and ride the vibe” with them. The track blends hip-hop rhythms with elements of electronica, defining the group’s unique ‘Easy-Experimental’ genre.

NEXZ has already demonstrated their potential as a ‘next-generation stage powerhouse group’ with their impressive dance skills. They collaborated with renowned dancers such as Kirsten from Jam Republic, Rena from the Japanese dance crew Tsubakill, and J-Ho from JustJerk during their pre-debut project ‘NEXZ Archive’. Their debut track ‘Ride the Vibe’ music video teaser left a strong impression, raising expectations for the full release.

NEXZ will release their debut single ‘Ride the Vibe’ and its title track at 6 PM today. This will be followed by a debut showcase at 7 PM at the YES24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.



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