NiziU, new Japanese song pre-release

NiziU pre-released the new Japanese song “Poppin’ Shakin'” on the 20th.
NiziU will release their 2nd Japanese single album “Take a picture/Poppin’ Shakin'” on April 7th. Ahead of this, the sound source of “Poppin’ Shakin'”, one of the double title songs, was previewed on major music sites in Korea and abroad at 0 o’clock on the 20th(local time in Korea).
“Poppin’ Shakin'” has an addictive melody, a brilliant choreography that everyone wants to follow, and the bright energy emitted by the nine members.
On the 17th, Billboard Japan recorded 4,330,359 times play on the weekly streaming song chart of February 22nd (counted from February 8th to February 14th, 2021) of NiziU’s ‘Make You Happy’, breaking the cumulative number of plays of 200 million.
Billboard Japan said through the article, “The group NiziU, which was born through the JYP global audition ‘Nizi Project’, captured a wide audience as well as fandom, and made a huge success in hits. “Jump Rope Dance” also attracted a lot of attention,” highlighting their powerful influence.
NiziU has surpassed 100 million streaming in 15 weeks after entering the chart with the title song “Make you happy” of the pre-debut digital mini album released on June 30, 2020, leaving a record for the first time in the history of a Japanese female artist.



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