‘Oh My Girl Festival’ begins… Last Track Film Revealed


‘Concept Fairy’ OH MY GIRL opened the last track film two days before their comeback. 
On the 8th, WM Entertainment released the 6th track film “Oh. I’m so sorry. Play with me in the dream” of OH MY GIRL’s 8th mini-album ‘Dear OHMYGIRL’ through the official SNS channel. 
The released video captures the brightly lit amusement park on a dark night and the joyful moment of Hyojeong captured in it. The atmosphere reminiscent of a summer night festival, from the colorful merry-go-round in the dark background to the bright smile of Hyo-jung standing in front of it, and the fireworks image inserted in the middle, decorated the gorgeous finale, like the last track film released just before the comeback. In particular, the dark fog appearing in the video, the fireworks turning into a mirror ball, and the phrase ‘Hello, Play In Your Dreams’ appearing at the beginning of the video, as if depicting a dream that is far from reality, stand out as if it were a fairy tale, yet dreamy mood. The new song “DUN DUN DANCE” is a Nu-Disco-style song featuring Oh My Girl’s colorful vocal harmonies and addictive hooks.


Source: starin.edaily.co.kr


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