Oh My Girl’s online concert was successfully held. “We will always be with our fans”

OH MY GIRL held an online solo concert “Winter Fairy Tale: The Lost Memory” at 5 pm on the 22nd(local time) and met with global fans. “Winter Fairy Tale: The Lost Memory” is a solo concert held in about two years and one month after “2018 Fall Fairy Tale” held in October 2018.
The stage floor was decorated with lots of LEDs, and it looked as it was in the deep sea.
In the performance with the concept of “The Lost Memory”, Oh My Girl had a special time to talk with Miracle (official fan club name) about the precious memories that are being lost in a busy reality.
They sang hit songs such as “The Secret Garden”, “CLOSER”, the debut song “CUPID” and “WINDY DAY”.
In addition, for the first time, they showed a band version of “Nonstop”, the most popular song this year. An intense dance break was added to capture the attention of viewers. For the first time, the performance stage of ‘NEoN’, a song included in the 6th mini album, was also released.
The highlight of the concert was the members’ unit stages. Hyo-jung, Seung Hee, and Binnie presented a pop ballad “Gravity”, conveying a sweet sensibility with different voices. Mimi, YooA, Jiho, and Arin performed the stage of the retro dance song “Vogue” and received enthusiastic cheers from fans. These songs are the unit songs from Oh My Girl’s first full album.
They surprisingly introduced the music video of a winter version of ‘Dolphin’, and gave fans a variety of enjoyment with the special non-face-to-face performance.
Binnie, who set up the stage with minimal movement due to her back injury, said, “I am very sorry for not being able to meet you in a better shape, and thanks to the members helping and caring a lot while preparing, I can enjoy the stage as best I can. I will do my best to heal as soon as possible so that I can show you a better figure soon, so don’t worry too much and I hope you’ll be healthy too.”
At the end of the performance, Oh My Girl said, “We were so happy because this concert was for the first time in a long time. We were grateful for your cheering us in real time with comments and shouts, and the members’ stages were also very cool.”



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