Once Again, Lee Hyori Sends a Self-Empowering Message with New Song ‘Hoodie Shorts’

Singer Lee Hyori has revealed parts of her new song’s music video and teaser, including some of the lyrics.

On the 11th, Lee Hyori’s digital single ‘Hoodie Shorts’ music video teaser was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘1theK.’

In the video, Lee Hyori is seen dancing with her dancers on a rainy street at night. She casually grooves to the rhythm, then confidently walks away from the crowd, exuding a self-assured charm. The teaser features a cheerful beat and a relaxed piano sound, with the revealed lyrics saying, “Walk confidently,” creating anticipation for the song.

‘Hoodie Shorts’ carries a message of self-empowerment, emphasizing finding one’s own balance rather than being concerned about others’ opinions. The song was worked on by renowned Korean hip-hop artist Hwangju, and dance crew May Flip contributed to the choreography. Additionally, the music video’s choreography direction was handled by dancer Kinki, who gained recognition on Mnet’s ‘Street Man Fighter,’ and the Bang Tube Brothers made a special appearance, hinting at a special synergy with Lee Hyori.

‘‌Hoodie Shorts’ was released on various music streaming platforms on the 12th at 6 PM.

Source: mydaily.co.kr


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