“Once Again, Singing of Love” – Kep1er’s Imminent Comeback and Reasons to Anticipate

Kep1er, the girl group comprising Choi Yujin, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Kim Chaehyun, Kim Dayeon, Hikaru, Hyungha, Seoyoung-eun, and Kang Ye-seo, is making a highly anticipated comeback with their fifth mini-album titled “Magic Hour” on the 25th. This marks their return after nearly five months since the release of their fourth mini-album, “LOVESTRUCK!” in April.

In “LOVESTRUCK!,” Kep1er delved into the theme of love, exploring the captivating pull of “you” that led them from an unknown realm to Earth. Through “you,” the nine members encountered the emotion of love for the first time, navigating through a mix of exhilaration and confusion before ultimately realizing the depth of this emotion. Now, Kep1er is poised to once again sing about love, this time in the context of “Magic Hour,” a moment described as a magical time when the world revolves around love.

Their title track, “Galileo,” portrays a girl’s experience of falling in love, observing and defining the complex emotion during a fateful encounter. This magical time, the “Magic Hour,” where love takes center stage, is symbolically depicted as a time when sending hearts into the sky can communicate one’s feelings to another. Kep1er’s performances, already known for their energy and charm, have been further upgraded, promising captivating point dances and choreography in their upcoming release.

Furthermore, Kep1er’s album includes unit songs, a first for the group since their debut. The news has been well-received by fans, as they can expect diverse expressions of freedom, adventure, and preserving cherished memories in the songs “Tropical Light” and “TAPE.” With a track record of active domestic and international engagement since their debut in 2022, Kep1er aims to showcase their growth and versatility through this latest release.

Source: mydaily.co.kr


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