ONF’s Comeback D-Day, Military Service Break Ends, Return to Hit Song Territory

ONF, the group known for their hit songs, is making a comeback with their first new song following their military service. On October 4th, they released their 7th mini-album titled ‘LOVE EFFECT.’ This album marks their return after approximately 1 year and 2 months since their last special album, ‘Storage of ONF.’ ONF is known for their unique and intense performances, and they plan to showcase a broader and more diverse spectrum of their music in this album.

The title track, ‘바람이 분다 (Love Effect),’ captures the moment of love confession with ONF’s characteristic freshness, narrating a story of love experienced by members who have gone through various emotional journeys. The album includes a total of 5 songs, and the members actively participated in the composition and lyrics of four tracks, adding their distinct musical identity to the album. ONF’s collaboration with producer Hwang Hyun, who has been with them since their debut, ensures a trusted combination.

ONF has been generating anticipation by releasing various content pieces such as concept photos, films, highlight medleys, and music video teasers before the official album release. With this highly awaited release, ONF depicts the beginning of love, touching upon themes of longing, gratitude for their fans’ unwavering support, and the courage gained from it. This comeback is expected to reaffirm ONF’s status as a “hit song hotspot,” and they have started their official activities with a showcase following the album’s release.

Source: newsen.com


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