Purple Kiss, “When you hear ‘Zombie’, you’ll be like ‘surprised’

Purple Kiss released their 2nd mini album ‘HIDE & SEEK’ through various music sites at 6 pm on the 8th, and took over the music industry for the first time in 6 months with the title song ‘Zombie’. 
‘HIDE & SEEK’ contains a pure series of processes in which the seven members search for and discover their true self. It delivers a teenage message of growth to listeners in the cold modern society, who live only emotionally and rationally, ‘Let’s not measure this and that, act honestly and love as our instincts lead us’. 
In particular, Purple Kiss is a song that contains the irresistible charm of Purple Kiss as it transforms into a 7-member, 7-color ‘teen zombie’ and is contagious when a zombie bites someone. 
Like purple mixed with various colors harmoniously, Purple Kiss is wearing the colors of the music industry with the colorful charms of 7 people and 7 colors. 
The following is a Q&A related to Purple Kiss’s 2nd mini album ‘HIDE & SEEK’. 
Q: How do you feel about making a comeback with your second mini-album ‘HIDE & SEEK’ after 6 months since your debut album ‘INTO VIOLET’? 
A: It was our first comeback after debut, so we prepared with a very trembling heart. After promoting the debut song ‘Ponzona’, in the first album, we thought a lot with questions like ‘What kind of look do fans expect from us?’ and tried to come out with a more upgraded image. 
Q: Please introduce your second mini album ‘HIDE & SEEK’. 
A: This album ‘HIDE & SEEK’ is an album that raises curiosity about what Purple Kiss is hiding. In addition, it contains a series of pure processes in which we seek and discover our true true self. 
It is also an album that shares the message of teen growth to listeners in the cold modern society who live only emotionally and rationally: ‘Don’t measure this and that, let’s act honestly and love as our instincts lead us’. And if you listen closely, you can find interesting choruses that seem to be your listening points. It’s a very addictive song, so I hope you’ll listen to it a lot, and through this ‘Zombie’ activity, I want to show you our full of energy and boldness! 
We want to show that Purple Kiss is not limited to one genre, but is a group that can digest a variety of things! And we want to show you a more energetic and exciting stage. 

Source: www.osen.co.kr


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