‘Queendom 2’ Brave Girls rewrite the myth of ‘Reverse Run’

Brave Girls recreated the myth of ‘Reverse Run (regaining popularity)’ by winning first place in the 3rd contest of Mnet’s Queendom 2. 

In the 9th episode of ‘Queendom 2’, which was broadcast on the 26th (Thursday), the final ranking of the 3rd contest was released, which was the result of the 1st and 2nd rounds following the stage of ‘Fantastic Queendom’ in the 2nd round of the 3rd contest. 

In the last broadcast, Kepler, Viviz, and WJSN performed a stage full of sincerity for their fans, followed by the stages of Loona, Brave Girls, and Hyolyn. 

Powered by handwritten letters, drawings, and cheering videos from fans, Loona unanimously sang ‘Butterfly’ with the fans. 

Brave Girls prepared a stage with ‘Red Sun’, one of the songs recommended by fans, whose lyrics best fit their current situation. Brave Girls, who said they wanted to show their story as it is, left a deep impression on the stage full of emotion and sincerity, and the fans and queens who were watching shed tears of emotion. 

Hyolyn, who prepared the stage with the concept of a rescue team saving the daily life of fans, was praised as “As expected” for her refreshing singing ability and synchronized dance move for the stage production that seemed to have moved the sea as it is. 

Brave Girls, who were on the verge of being eliminated by placing the bottom in the first contest and sixth in the second contest, turned the tide by reproducing the myth of all-kill and reverse run in the third round contest, queendom self-voting, global fan voting, and on-site voting. 

WJSN came in 2nd and 3rd by a narrow margin, followed by Loona in 3rd, Hyolyn in 4th, BBG in 5th, and Kepler in 6th. 

On the other hand, the final comeback sound source of 6 teams of ‘Queendom 2’ will be released on the 27th.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr



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