[RE:PLAY STAR] Remembering SHINee’s Jonghyun who was ‘lighting up’ in ‘The End of the Day’

Three years have passed since SHINee member Jonghyun, who gave warmth through music that conveyed comfort to many people, passed away. The music he left during his lifetime is still receiving a lot of love, as well as helping people who are living tiring days.rnWhen he debuted as SHINee after about three years of trainee life, Jonghyun emerged as a main vocal with outstanding talents, and received a good response with excellent vocals and unrivaled tone.rnJonghyun started writing the title song ‘Juuliette’ of SHINee’s 2nd mini album ‘Romeo’, and continued to participate in SHINee album work.  Regarding this, lyricist Eana Kim said on a radio program that she had reached the final final of the blind test.  “I liked my lyrics very much, but when I saw Jonghyun’s lyrics, I thought, “he won”. He was a genius for expressing something new by completely twisting the five senses we normally know and feel.”

In January 2015, he released his first solo album ‘BASE’, and has also promoted activities with the double titles ‘Crazy’ and ‘Dejavu’. Released in September 2015, ‘Story Op. 1’ is an album that was composed of Jonghyun’s own songs. ‘End of a day\’ is a ‘healing song’ with lyrics that convey calm and warm consolation at the end of a tiring day after work, and it was reborn as an orchestra version through a collaboration between SM Entertainment and the Seoul Symphony Orchestra in July.

Jonghyun’s warm music and the sincerity he conveyed to the public are still being talked about three years after he left. Like the title of the song, we hope that Jonghyun’s music and sincerity will still be remembered as ‘lighting now’ and ‘will keep lighting’ in the future.



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