Rookie girl group NMIXX, ‘DICE’ music video surpasses 50 million views

JYP, the agency, announced on the 11th that the rookie girl group NMIXX achieved 50 million views on YouTube and reached the top of the domestic and foreign album charts. 

The music video for the title song ‘DICE’ captivated global fans and topped YouTube Music Video Trending Worldwide as of September 21st, and surpassed 50 million YouTube views around 1 am on October 10th.

The exciting narrative with the mysterious adversary encountered during the dice game adds a sense of immersion, and various attractions such as colorful backgrounds, unique CG effects, and powerful performances captivate domestic and foreign fans.

As of September 25, it topped the Japanese Tower Records Online Daily Sales Chart, as well as various album versions to the 2nd and 7th places. 

The single contains a total of 4 songs, including the title song ‘DICE’, the b-side song ‘COOL (Your rainbow)’, and the instrumental version of the two songs. 

NMIXX is proud of its appearance as a rookie who will decorate the K-Pop 4th generation finale by appearing on various YouTube contents including music programs. 

In Mnet Digital Studio M2’s ‘STUDIO CHOOM’, ‘Relay Dance’, and ‘it’s Live’ videos, the outstanding presence of the ‘All-rounder Group’ with all three beats, including vocals, visuals, and dances, was brilliant.

The group’s first ballad song ‘COOL (Your rainbow)’ special video uploaded to NMIXX’s official social media channel was well received for its unique charm.



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