Rose’s solo music video exceeds 100 million YouTube views… K-pop female solo record

Blackpink Rose’s ‘On The Ground’ music video exceeded 100 million views in a week, setting a new record for K-pop female solo artists.
According to YG Entertainment on the 20th, Rosé’s ‘On The Ground’ music video exceeded 100 million views on YouTube at 5:55 am on the day(local time in Korea).
‘On The Ground’ exceeded 1.2 million simultaneous users at the time of release, achieving the highest YouTube Premiere music video viewing record for a K-pop solo artist, and reaching 41.6 million views in 24 hours, the highest record for a Korean solo artist.
The music video for ‘On The Ground’, as well as the splendid and magnificent visual beauty, harmonized with Rosé’s rich emotional acting, and the song that talks about ‘the initial starting point’, garnered a favorable response from music fans.
Various interpretations, reactions, and cover videos for the music video were poured out through fans around the world, making it realize the hot global popularity.
The number of subscribers to Blackpink’s official YouTube channel, which steadily rose after the release of Rosé’s album, has steadily increased to over 59 million.
It is the number one female artist in the world and quickly catching up the number of subscribers of Justin Bieber, the number one artist overall on YouTube.
The sound source of Rosé’s first single album ‘R’ is also continuing to be strong on various global charts.
The title song ‘On The Ground’ first entered the UK Official Singles Chart Top 100, which was released on the 19th (local time), at 43rd place.
On the day of its release, it climbed to the top of the iTunes Top Song Chart in 51 countries and reached the top of the worldwide charts, and was the first K-pop female solo artist to be the first K-pop female solo artist to be listed on the Billboard and the British Official Chart, which is called the two major charts, again confirming Rosé’s global influence.



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