SEVENTEEN, Best Album Pre-Orders Surpass 3 Million Copies

SEVENTEEN, a popular South Korean group, has surpassed 3 million pre-orders for their best album, marking a significant achievement in the music industry. The album distributor YG Plus reported that, as of April 19th, the pre-orders for SEVENTEEN’s best album titled ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ reached 3,087,613 units. This high volume of pre-orders is quite rare for a best album, which typically features a compilation of previously popular hit songs.

The best album not only showcases past hits but also introduces four new tracks, which were revealed on April 19th. These include the title track ‘MAESTRO’, and unit songs ‘LALALI’, ‘Spell’, and ‘Youth Anthem’. The inclusion of these new songs, announced shortly before the album’s release, is expected to further boost pre-order sales during the remaining reservation period.

’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ is a comprehensive album that represents SEVENTEEN’s past, present, and future, set to be released on April 29th. It features not only the four new tracks but also twenty title tracks from their previous Korean albums, eight title tracks from their Japanese albums adapted into Korean, and an instrumental track ‘Dear.’ Ahead of the album release, SEVENTEEN will hold a concert series ‘SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ AGAIN TO SEOUL’ at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on April 27-28, and will continue their performances in Japan in May.



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