SEVENTEEN releases highlights medley video of ‘Attacca’


SEVENTEEN released the highlights medley video of their 9th mini album ‘Attacca’ through the official SNS channel at 00:00 on the 19th, heating up the comeback fever that is just three days away. 

The 9th mini-album highlights medley video broke the existing frame and showed Seventeen members singing in turn according to the mood of the song, increasing the immersion of the song with its sensuous visual beauty. 

The title song of ‘Attacca’, ‘Rock with you’, is a rock-based song with an attractive combination of powerful synth sound, guitar sound, and two-step rhythm. 

In addition, the third track ‘Crush’, which has a simple yet sophisticated beat and an attractive beat and pop-style melody, and the unit song ‘PANG!’, ‘I’m happy because it’s you every day’, and ‘even the things I miss’ unfold in succession, making it impossible to take our eyes off of it for even a moment. 

‘PANG!’, which is impressive with the popping and unique lyrics and the performance team’s hip melodic expression, ‘I’m happy because it’s you every day’, where the delicate vocal team’s voice and expressive power give a clear atmosphere as if looking at a watercolor painting, and ‘even the things I miss’, an emotional song with an impressive harmony of in-acoustic guitar line and hip-hop rhythm that can feel the deep emotional color of the hip-hop team, all solidify the color of Seventeen.

The digital track ‘2 MINUS 1’ is a pop punk genre song that combines elements of pop melody and punk rock. 



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