SEVENTEEN Unveils ‘MAESTRO’ MV Teaser with Cinematic Scale Reminiscent of a Sci-Fi Movie

SEVENTEEN has previewed their upcoming music video for ‘MAESTRO’ with a teaser that promises an overwhelming scale, hinting at a production reminiscent of a sci-fi film. The teaser was released on April 25, building anticipation for the title track of their best album ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’, set to be released on April 29.

The teaser begins with a thought-provoking question about the role of a true maestro in a reality where anything can be created by AI (Artificial Intelligence), followed by visuals of cutting-edge robots playing musical instruments, suggesting a future where human creativity might be supplanted by technology.

According to Pledis Entertainment, the ‘MAESTRO’ music video incorporates actual AI-generated scenes, aligning with the narrative that advanced technology could take over artistic creation. This premise underscores a scenario where the roles of creation have been reversed, raising curiosity about how SEVENTEEN will navigate this crisis in the full music video.

‘MAESTRO’ carries a powerful message about coming together to lead and control the flow of our world, a theme previously hinted at in the highlight medley video where the phrase “according to the maestro’s direction” was delivered with SEVENTEEN’s signature charisma and energy. The interplay of this message with the dystopian visuals of the music video raises intriguing questions about the final presentation.

Moreover, SEVENTEEN plans to produce music videos for three unit tracks from the best album, in addition to ‘MAESTRO’. The ‘MAESTRO’ music video will be the first to premiere on April 29 at 6 PM, followed by the hip-hop team’s ‘LALALI’ on May 10, the performance team’s ‘Spell’ on May 17, and the vocal team’s ‘청춘찬가’ (‘Song of Youth’) on May 24.

In the meantime, SEVENTEEN is set to perform at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on April 27-28 for the ‘SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ AGAIN TO SEOUL’, ahead of the release of their best album ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ on April 29.



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