Seventeen’s “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” Sets New Records with 5 Million Sales in First Week

Seventeen has made history in the K-pop industry with their latest album, “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN.” The album achieved an incredible milestone by recording over 5 million copies in first-week sales, surpassing this remarkable figure for the first time in Seventeen’s career. This achievement solidifies their unique status in the industry and demonstrates their immense popularity.

In addition to their phenomenal first-week sales, Seventeen has earned the title of a “ten-million artist” by selling a staggering 11,043,265 albums in Korea from January to September this year. They have also broken records by becoming the first K-pop artist to surpass 3 million album sales on the first day of release and the first to exceed 5 million copies in first-week sales with a single album.

Their title track, “Music’s God,” enjoyed immediate success by topping major domestic music charts upon its release and maintained its dominance. It also achieved the impressive feat of reaching the number one position on iTunes Top Songs charts in 29 countries and regions, including Brazil, the Philippines, and Singapore. “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” signifies a celebration of happiness, both for Seventeen and their dedicated fanbase, CARAT, at the end of a journey filled with challenges and pioneering efforts. The title track, “Music’s God,” is a festive and lively song that embodies the spirit of joy and celebration.



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