SF9 opens ‘TURN OVER’ scheduler with rune symbols…


The group SF9, which is about to make a comeback in July, draws attention with its mysterious release schedule image. SF9’s agency, FNC Entertainment, released a schedule announcement image announcing SF9’s comeback through SF9’s official SNS channel on the 23rd. According to the schedule announcement image, SF9 will release a variety of contents from the cover poster on the 24th to the 26th, the tracklist on the 28th, the highlight medley on the 29th, two MV teasers on the 30th and July 3rd, and the album release on the 5th. It is expected to warm up the comeback atmosphere. As the name of the album ‘TURN OVER’ suggests, SF9’s new album contains the story of SF9, who pioneers their own destiny, not yielding to their fate, even if it is tragic. The medium that changes fate is tears, and SF9 sublimates the tragic situation beautifully through the title song ‘Tear Drop’. On the other hand, the promotional contents of SF9’s 9th mini album ‘TURN OVER’, which announced a comeback on July 5, will be released sequentially through SF9’s official SNS channel.

(You can find the image of the scheduler from the source link)


Source: www.osen.co.kr


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