SM-JYP-YG-Big Hit, the four biggest dinosaurs in the music industry in 2021

Last year, Chungha, Uptension, and Lee Chan-won were confirmed of COVID19, and people who contacted them were subjected to related tests. Nevertheless, the online concert was reinforced mainly by large agencies, which touched the hearts of global K-pop fans and created a stronger fan base.

First of all, expectations are raised for the activities of newcomers produced by giant dinosaurs in the music industry.
SM launched AESPA, a new girl group, 6 years after Red Velvet last year. JYP clearly showed the status of ‘Girl Group Master’. NiziU is a group composed of all Japanese members, and was born under K-pop’s systematic education system. Accordingly, in the year of their debut, NiziU made a splendid appearance in the most famous Japanese year-end special program, NHK ‘Kōhaku Uta Gassen’.
YG’s Treasue will comeback. The title song ‘My Treasure’ is a pop genre song with a bright atmosphere that Treasures first unveiled, and Treasure delivers healing with its unique positive energy.
Big Hit creates a new girl group at Source Music, which is GFRIEND’s agency and was acquired last year.

Big 4’s representative artists are also making comebacks.
SM’s Yunho(TVXQ!), Baekhyun(EXO), SHINee and Red Velvet are scheduled to comeback.
JYP’s Jin-Young Park announced the duet song with Rian ‘Switch to me’.
YG announced Blackpink’s solo activities. Last year, Blackpink released ‘How You Like That’, ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Love Girl’, and became the first K-pop girl group to achieve ‘Billboard 200’, the US Billboard main album chart, and second place on the UK official chart.
G-Dragon is currently working on an album, and although it was postponed in the aftermath of COVID19, he had also scheduled a return from Coachella in the United States.
Big Hit is taking the lead in BTS.

Nevertheless, there are some concerns.
The COVID19 crisis made all big 4 face challenges such as a decrease in subsidiary sales.
JYP has an issue in renewing the contract with GOT7.
YG’s Big Bang is expected to act as a double-edged sword. They are one of the most contributors in Korean music history but the issues and scandals that the members made except Taeyang put the team in jeopardy.
The problem with Big Hit is that there is no next runner to follow BTS.
Moreover, ahead of the label joint concert held on December 31 of last year, there is a problem as the nerves among the labels continue, such as an electronic board demonstration by the fandom of BTS.



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