“Solo Debut 20th Anniversary” Lee Hyori, Still an Independent Singer…’Hoodie Shorts’

Lee Hyori, a top star from the 1st generation girl group Fin.K.L, is returning as a singer. Her digital single “Hoodie Shorts” was released on October 12, showcasing a relaxed vibe with lyrics expressing the idea of finding her own balance without worrying about others’ standards. This release marks her 20th anniversary as a solo artist, as she initially debuted in 1998 with Fin.K.L.

The song features rapper and producer Hwangju, a member of the hip-hop group Rhythm Power, who contributed to the lyrics, composition, and production. The music video accompanying the song portrays Lee Hyori’s independent attitude as she transforms everyday streets into a red carpet, highlighting moments of confidence and self-expression. The overall choreography was created by the dance crew “Maple Flip,” and prominent figures like Kinki and the Banktuber Brothers made special appearances in the performance, adding to the energy of the music video.

This release marks a significant moment for Lee Hyori, who has been primarily focused on TV program-based event music releases in recent years. Despite changing times, she continues to showcase her unique charm, and her 20-year solo career anniversary is a testament to her enduring popularity and relevance in the music industry.

Source: newsis.com


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