STAYC, ‘ASAP’, which achieved the highest records in sound source and album of their own


Group STAYC shared their thoughts on the end of ‘ASAP’ music broadcasting activities. STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, Jai) held a live broadcast title ‘Real_Final_Last_Broadcast’ through Naver V LIVE on the afternoon of the 9th.  After completing SBS ‘Inkigayo’, which aired on this day, from ‘ASAP’ to ‘SO WHAT’ activities, the STAYC members shouted fighting and greeted each other, saying, “Thank you.”  
They said, “It was amazing to be able to actually meet the fans.” Yoon said, “I feel a little closer to the fans.” Sumin said, “I am happy that fans like our song so much. You probably didn’t know that ‘ASAP’ is so catchy. We will come back with a better song next time.” Isa expressed her affection, saying, “Since I first heard ‘ASAP’, I thought that the chorus part was so good.”  
Following that, the members of STAYC, who had time to communicate while watching the comments of the fans, boasted a bright tension by immediately singing a happy birthday song for the fans who are about to have their birthday. Lastly, STAYC said, “The ‘ASAP’ (music broadcast) activity is over, but we can meet more.”  
STAYC released the second single ‘STAYDOM’ on the 8th of last month and was active with the title song ‘ASAP’, breaking both the sound soure and album records of their own.




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