Stray Kids, charismatic chic beauty and colorful funky charm… ‘ODDINARY’ individual teasers released


A week before their comeback, Stray Kids exuded a thrilling charm in the teaser for their new album ‘ODDINARY’. 

Stray Kids is releasing various teasing contents ahead of the release of the new mini album ‘ODDINARY’ and the title song ‘Maniac’ on the 18th. 

In a different atmosphere, Stray Kids gave a relaxed look and created a unique synergy, raising expectations for the new concept. 

For the new song ‘MANIAC’, Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han of the team’s producing group 3RACHA will work on the song, giving a foreboding of the birth of a new masterpiece that will add to the group’s pride. With a song that adds a spoonful of maturity to its unique charm, Stray Kids is expected to provide fresh stimulation and capture the hearts of global fans. 

The new name ‘ODDINARY’ was completed by combining the two English words ‘Odd’ and ‘Ordinary’, meaning ‘strange’ and ‘ordinary’, and ‘Ordinary us all have strange sides. 

Stray Kids boasts an upgraded charm with the well-made mini album ‘ODDINARY’, which will be released after about 2 years and 3 months since ‘Clé: Levanter’ in December 2019, and engraves themselves again as a ‘K-pop 4th generation leader’.

Following the release of the new mini album, Stray Kids will hold the second world tour ‘Stray Kids 2nd World Tour ‘Maniac” with the same name as the comeback song from April and meet with domestic and foreign fans. 

Meanwhile, Stray Kids’ new mini-album ‘ODDINARY’ and the title song ‘Maniac’ will be officially released on March 18 at 1 PM.

(You can find Stray Kids’ individual teasers from the source link below.)



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