sweet nightmare… Pure white TOMORROW X TOGETHER

TOMORROW X TOGETHER posted the ‘Nightmare’ version of the concept photo of their 5th mini album ‘The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’ on their official social media at midnight on the 11th. 

If the ‘Daydream’ version concept contained the refreshing visuals of youth drunk in daydreams, this ‘Nightmare’ version concept photo reflects the images of boys facing sweet nightmares. 

In the ‘Nightmare’ version concept photo, TOMORROW X TOGETHER faces nightmares with different looks and expressions in a dreamy dream space. 

The five members become more intoxicated by their dreams after realizing that nightmares are not just scary and scary, but also sweet and thrilling. 

The 5th mini album ‘Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’, released at 2 pm on the 27th, is the first episode of the new series ‘Name Chapter’, which depicts the story after deciding to go a long way for the future. It conveys the image of youth shaking in the face of temptation. 

TOMORROW X TOGETHER received a perfect 5-star rating from the British music magazine NME for ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ released in May of last year, and was listed on the US Billboard 2022 year-end chart ‘Billboard 200 Album’ as a 4th-generation K-pop artist.

They are solidifying their status as the 4th generation leader by being the only one to enter the charts.

Source: news.jtbc.co.kr


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