T1419’s Comeback…No.1 on Music Shows is the goal


“Our goal is to be number 1 on music shows”  T1419 held an online media showcase to commemorate the release of the third single ‘Before Sunrise Part.3′. 
Noah said, “T1419 is a team with infinite concepts and charms that can be digested. This time, the song tells the story of teenagers searching for their true self.” Xi’an said, “This is a song about true beauty. Current teenagers are dyed with hedonistic consumption.  This song contains the desire for teenagers who try to find their true beauty within, not with money and luxury goods.” ON said, “We are going to put ‘FLEX YOUR SELF’ as our activity slogan.” 
Noah said, “We paid the most attention to the performance while preparing for the comeback.” 
Geon-woo said, “The standards for self-evaluation are getting higher and higher.”
The goal of comeback activities is to hold the 1st place trophy on a music program. Zero hoped, “We were nominated for 1st place with our debut song ‘Asura Balbalta’, but this time we want to win 1st place.” The long-term goal is to become an idol who is evaluated as an ‘all-rounder’. 
Kairi said, “Japanese and Korean are the basics, and these days, I am concentrating on studying English.” 
T1419 releases all the songs of ‘Before Sunrise Part 3’ at 6 pm on the 23rd. After the release of the sound source, a global showcase for fans are held through V Live, Twitter Blue Room, and Line channels.


Source: starin.edaily.co.kr


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