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IU and Busker Busker… Music charts colored with spring songs

Spring has come to the music industry.While new songs containing fresh spring sensibility are being released one after another, the steady-selling hit songs that...

IU Comeback. ‘LILAC’

Singer IU is finally back. IU released the 5th full album 'LILAC' at 6:00 pm on the 25th(local time in Korea).IU checked the...

“Oh! Lilac”… Comeback D-1 IU releases a new teaser

IU released a new teaser for the new album 'LILAC' a day before her comeback.The teaser of 'LILAC' has caught fans ears with IU's...

‘Comeback’ IU ‘Spring Hello Spring ” ‘LILAC’ teaser released

IU has released a teaser for the new album 'LILAC' ahead of her comeback. IU's agency EDAM Entertainment released a teaser with lyrics of...

IU, February 4th week Idol Chart Ranking No. 1

IU was ranked No. 1 on the idol chart in the 4th week of February.IU ranked No. 1 with a total score of 8,499...

IU, March 25 comeback [Official]

On the 4th midnight, IU released her first teaser image of the new album name 'LILAC' through the SNS official channels and embarked on...

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