&TEAM Rises to Fame with Striking ‘Wolf’ Concept, Carefully Crafted by HYBE

&TEAM, a new global group from HYBE, is demonstrating the strength of their planning and concept with their first full album ‘First Howling: NOW’. The group, consisting of nine members, released the album on November 15, featuring the title track ‘War Cry’. This release has allowed them to make a significant impression in the K-pop scene, particularly with their unique ‘wolf’ concept, distinguishing them in the competitive environment of K-pop comebacks.

The ‘wolf’ theme is an integral part of their performances and visuals, adding a distinct flavor to their music. Their choreography for ‘War Cry’ vividly portrays the concept, with movements and poses suggestive of a wolf pack, creating a strong visual impact. The music video complements this theme with striking visuals like a full moon and dark, animated sets. These elements are also reflected in their performance content, such as in Mnet’s ‘STUDIO CHOOM’, where they use lighting to create a moon-like effect. The members have further enhanced the song’s appeal with their powerful rock sound, dynamic choreography, and vibrant visuals.

The ‘wolf’ concept has not only defined &TEAM’s artistic identity but also resonated strongly with the K-pop community, leading to the creation of new memes and affectionate nicknames like ‘늑자님’ (wolf+prince) for the members. This concept has been a consistent part of their narrative since their debut, emphasizing unity and bravery. &TEAM’s storytelling, a characteristic of HYBE artists, is evident in the way they connect their debut song ‘Under the skin’ with their latest release ‘War Cry’. This strategic approach to content and concept has resulted in a significant expansion of their fanbase, evidenced by their impressive presence on the Weverse platform. Their participation in the ‘2023 MAMA AWARDS’ is highly anticipated, where they are expected to showcase their precise and energetic performance style.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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