&TEAM’s “War Cry” Music Video Unveiled

The “High Global Group” &TEAM has unveiled the music video for their title track “War Cry” alongside their first full album “First Howling: NOW.” The video begins with K, standing alone under the full moon, putting on a necklace. It then captures the charismatic and wild side of &TEAM as they dash and roar towards a broader world.

The music video primarily focuses on &TEAM’s “rough” side, featuring intense performances reminiscent of a wolf pack with crouched poses and a roaring “Wolf Pack” choreography. The nine members’ deep and intense gazes and expressions dominate the viewer’s attention throughout. The video employs diagonal structures, tilted angles, cross-lines, and a contrast of red, white, and black colors to enhance the tension and perfectly visualize the song’s atmosphere.

“War Cry” is an impressive track based on a powerful rock sound with a heavy guitar performance. &TEAM incorporates their determination to open a new era in their own way into the song. The addictive rap and powerful chorus leave a lasting impression on listeners. The lyrics for this song’s Korean version were crafted by the renowned lyricist Seo Ji-eum, capturing the moment when brave boys cast aside their fears, gained courage, and boldly declared the beginning of their adventure.

&TEAM is gearing up for a series of global activities with their new album, including music shows and various entertainment content. They will also hold a showcase on November 16th at 3 PM KST to celebrate the album’s release.

Source: tenasia.hankyung.com


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