TO1 “The addictive charm of the title song ‘No More X’.. I wish it was charted”

TO1 talked about the new album in an interview to commemorate the release of their second mini-album ‘RE:ALIZE’, which was recently held at Wake One’s office building. TO1, who announced the comeback after about six months since the first mini-album ‘RE:BORN’ released in May, said, “I was excited to perform quickly during the hiatus. The members, who learned and practiced in various fields during the hiatus, said, “We practiced a lot for group performances, and each individual practiced hard in their respective fields of study, such as composition, instrument, and acting.” “I also learned a lot in languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and English. He continued, “We gather at the dorm and watch a lot of other artists’ fan cams, and it’s a hobby and a time for research. Even now, I have been watching the stage of the seniors who appeared together in ‘Road to Kingdom’ a lot. I also watch a lot of Seventeen’s videos.” Through this album, TO1 is expected to show a stronger growth story unique to TO1, where they forgot the difficult days of the past and courageously leap forward once again towards the harsh world. It was a concept we had never heard of. It was interesting for us, and I think the fans will also be interested.” I wonder if I can approach the public in an attractive way.” “It was difficult to record, but the title song itself is a song with a lot of rap. The members said, “It’s a song that we personally participated in writing the lyrics for, so it’s a meaningful song. Lastly, when asked about the goal of this activity, TO1 said, “I think it would be nice if our songs were chart-in. We love our songs a lot. Meanwhile, TO1 will release the second mini album ‘RE:ALIZE’ through various music sites at 6 pm on the 4th.



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