TREASURE, ‘JIKJIN’ to ‘U’, which was shown on the soundtrack stage


YG group TREASURE decorated the first music broadcast stage with a performance of solid live skills and explosive energy. 

TREASURE appeared on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ broadcast on the afternoon of the 24th and announced their successful comeback by performing the stage for the title song ‘JIKJIN’ and the b-side song ‘U’ of the new album. 

Above all, the powerful stage of TREASURE’s title song ‘JIKJIN’ stood out. 

Treasure heightened the atmosphere with a dynamic ‘synchronized dance move’ and trendy vocals while riding on a track that was constantly changing, and their relentless running made it impossible to take your eyes off of them for even a moment. 

In addition, TREASURE’s unique chorus in YG music that induces explosive group singing and group dance, including the so-called ‘drift dance’, which is the point choreography of the movement of breaking the steering wheel, created a strong addiction. 

TREASURE also drew the attention of fans by revealing the stage for the b-side song ‘U’ for the first time on the same day. 

Immediately after the broadcast, fans poured out favorable reviews such as “The b-side song ‘U’ is as good as the title song”, “Stage constitution like a YG artist” and “Concert ‘JIKJIN(straight)'”. 

Meanwhile, TREASURE released its first mini album ‘THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE’ on the 15th and is breaking its own best record every moment. 

In addition, the music video for the title song ‘JIKJIN’ has reached 40 million views, and is sprinting in popularity at the fastest rate since Treasure’s debut.




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