TREASURE Returns with the Powerful ‘KING KONG’

Group TREASURE is set to make a powerful comeback.

On May 28 at 6 PM, TREASURE will release their new digital single ‘KING KONG’. This comeback, arriving approximately 10 months since their last release, promises a conceptual and impactful musical experience, as hinted by the strong title.

‘KING KONG’ explores the theme of blind love, expressing the paradox of giving everything for a love that is unattainable. The song features a fast tempo, punchy beats, and intense bass sounds, uniquely interpreting this theme of love’s contradictions.

This release is expected to showcase a different charm compared to TREASURE’s previous works. The song’s dynamic intensity control, trendy melody line, and the powerful vocals and rapping of the members unfold through various variations, offering a distinct attraction.

The visual elements of the track amplify the thematic content, delivering a vivid sensory experience. The music video, of an impressive scale, is crafted with diverse sets, bold action sequences, and cinematic direction. It unravels the clues from previous hints such as the appearance of ‘King Kong’ and wanted posters, adding to the entertainment value.

TREASURE is known for their exceptional performances, and this comeback is no exception. To maximize the song’s inherent speed and dynamism, the choreography incorporates elements of the krump dance genre, and the dance break features innovative new arrangements. The chorus’s choreography, which directly interprets the lyrics, is highly addictive and expected to receive a positive response.

YG Entertainment stated, “Despite their busy tour schedule, the members worked on this for their fans and are very excited. From the music to the video, you will experience a different musical color from TREASURE. We have prepared various activities to repay the love you have given us, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, TREASURE will host ‘THE TREASURE SHOW’ on their official channel an hour before the comeback at 5 PM on May 28, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for fans.



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