Twice, Itzy, NiziU, JYP girl group make a big hit in Japan

Twice, Itzy, and NiziU belonging to JYP Entertainment, the ‘Girl Group Powerhouse’, will make a big impact on the Japanese stages at the end of 2021. 

JYP’s groups TWICE, ITZY, and NiziU have gained great popularity both in Korea and abroad with their unique team colors and charm. They have been ranked at the top of various categories in the ‘2021 Girl Group Popularity Ranking’ announced by Line Research in Japan recently, proving their distinct presence in the country. 

Twice is proud of its strong popularity and is showing off the aspect of ‘K-pop representative girl group’. Twice, which released its 9th Japanese single ‘Doughnut’ on December 15th, heated up the heat by sequentially releasing various teasing contents such as concept images, videos containing part of the sound source, and music video teasers. 

Itzy will release Japan’s best album ‘It’z Itzy’ on December 22 and make their official debut in the local music industry.  Last month, the Japanese version of the trademark ‘Shoulder Dance’ and the representative song ‘Wannabe’, which contains an honest and confident message, was pre-released, and on November 12, the performance was first released at ‘Music Station’.  As a result, Itzy left a name as an artist who appeared on ‘Music Station’ at the fastest speed before their official debut, and drew keen interest from Japanese fans. 

On December 1st, the Japanese version of the first regular album title song ‘LOCO’ was pre-released and sparked a fire in local fans. Itzy will add firepower with ‘LOCO -Japanese ver.-‘, and on the 18th, Japan’s first online live ‘Itzy Japan Debut Showcase “It’z Itzy”’ will be held to make their local debut and communicate with fans who have been waiting for them.

NiziU, created through the audition program ‘Nizi Project’, is a group that successfully realized ‘Globalizataion By Localization’ among JYP’s future visions presented by JYP representative producer Jinyoung Park. The first full-length album ‘U’ topped the latest Oricon weekly album chart (as of January 22, 2021 to November 28, 2021) with 179,000 points in the first week of release, and NiziU  became the only female artist to break the record of 100,000 copies in the first week of release with the first album as of 2021. 

Twice, Itzy, and NiziU are expected to show off their unique charms in December 2021 and perform even bigger.



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