TWICE’s English Single ‘I GOT YOU’ Tops iTunes Charts in 41 Regions Worldwide, Premiered on Stage in Mexico

TWICE’s new English single “I GOT YOU” has achieved remarkable success, topping the iTunes charts in 41 regions worldwide. This achievement comes ahead of the release of their new mini album “With YOU-th” set to be unveiled on February 23, marking their comeback. The group pre-released “I GOT YOU” on February 2 as a lead single from the upcoming album, which has since set a new career high for TWICE by reaching number one on the iTunes song charts in multiple countries, including first-time top positions in France and Spain. The music video for “I GOT YOU” also secured the number one spot on YouTube’s Music Video Worldwide Trending chart, capturing the attention of global audiences across 43 different regions.

TWICE showcased “I GOT YOU,” a song that celebrates the members’ strong friendship and love, for the first time during their world tour “READY TO BE” concert in Mexico City. This performance was part of a series of concerts held on February 2 and 3, featuring a mix of hit songs, individual performances, and the surprise “I GOT YOU” performance, lighting up the night sky of Mexico City with excitement. The concerts attracted a large crowd, turning the event into a special memory for fans and a testament to TWICE’s status as a leading K-pop girl group.

The Mexico City concert was the first of TWICE’s fifth world tour in 2024, highlighting their significant following and the growing scale of their performances. Originally planned for a single show on February 3, the overwhelming demand led to an additional performance on February 2, both of which sold out quickly. This marks a significant return for TWICE to Mexico after their third world tour in July 2019, this time playing to a venue six times larger than before. The group will continue to ride this wave of success with upcoming concerts in Brazil, the United States, and Japan, culminating in a historic performance at the Nissan Stadium in Kanagawa, Japan. TWICE is set to release their 13th mini album “With YOU-th” on February 23, further solidifying their position in the music industry.



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