Unveiled JYP NMIXX, ‘All Aces’ group’s confidence for a reason


NMIXX, which has already captured the attention of K-pop fans around the world with its overflowing talent and the charm of an average age of 17 group, achieved 61,667 pre-orders in just ten days, and surpassed 26.07 million YouTube views in about six months, heralding the emergence of a scary newcomer. 

While several 4th-generation groups that have recently debuted are standing out in the music industry with their different charms, NMIXX has set up a new genre called ‘MIXX Pop’ as a differentiating point. 

NMIXX is expected to create a new wave in the K-pop area with the ‘MIXX POP’ genre that embraces original music colors. ‘MIXX POP’ is a genre in which two or more genres can be combined into one song to feel the various charms at the same time. 

The 7 members will provide a different pleasure to music fans with dynamic sound that does not have time to be bored and various performances to match.

NMIXX’s debut song ‘O.O’ is created by mixing and matching the genres of Bailey Funk and Teenage Pop Rock. Starting with an intense trap intro, it quickly unfolds across the genres of Bailey Funk and Teenage Pop Rock.


Source: www.osen.co.kr


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