VVUP Officially Debuts in the Music Industry Today with ‘Locked On’

The rookie girl group VVUP (Hyunhee, Kim, Pan, Sooyeon) is set to brighten the music scene with their diverse and positive energy. Releasing their first single album ‘Locked On’ at noon today on various music platforms, VVUP is ready to showcase their kitschy and hip charm following their pre-debut single ‘Doo Doom Chit’.

The title track ‘Locked On’ embodies VVUP’s identity with its intense yet smooth melody line. A notable choreography feature is the comforting gesture of patting one’s stomach to the repeated lyrics “Don’t worry”, embedding the members’ positive energy throughout the song. The track’s production is spearheaded by producer Earattack, known for his work with leading K-POP groups, while dance crew La Chica enhances the charm of each member through their participation in the choreography creation.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who has worked with global pop stars like Doja Cat and Ariana Grande, the accompanying music video portrays VVUP preparing for a ‘talent show’ and the journey to the actual stage, akin to a growth drama. Filmed entirely on location in Los Angeles, the video promises exotic landscapes and a variety of facial expressions from the members as they engage in playful rivalry.

VVUP, a multinational girl group with members from Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand, has already demonstrated unprecedented global popularity. They first revealed their debut song ‘Locked On’ on the pre-show stage of ‘KCON HONG KONG 2024’ on the 31st of last month, proving their international appeal. Prior to their official debut, the dance challenge video for their pre-debut single ‘Doo Doom Chit’ surpassed 10 million views, receiving overwhelming support from global fans. With the release of ‘Locked On’, VVUP aims to accelerate their journey to the top, marking a successful announcement of their “high-teen mischief”.

VVUP’s first single album ‘Locked On’ and its music video are available today at noon, marking the beginning of their promising career in the music industry.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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