“Wanting to Do More” BTS’s Jimin to Release First Solo Album Production Diary Documentary on the 23rd

BTS member Jimin is set to unveil his inner world through a documentary titled “Jimin’s Production Diary.” Released by Hive Originals, this documentary captures Jimin’s thoughts, emotions, and creative process during the preparation of his first solo album, “FACE,” which was released in March 2023. The teaser video offers a glimpse of Jimin engrossed in songwriting within a dimly lit studio, expressing his newfound understanding that an album is a significant endeavor. He concludes by expressing his desire to do more and his belief in his capabilities.

The released poster for “Jimin’s Production Diary” provides a deeper insight into the documentary’s concept and significance. Alongside a visual of Jimin during the recording process, the poster features handwritten titles and lyrics from songs on his “FACE” album, highlighting the profound contemplation that shaped his solo work.

The documentary, exclusively available on the Weverse global fan platform, has generated anticipation among fans. The main documentary is scheduled for release on the 23rd, following the teaser video and pre-sales of content, promising to provide fans with an intimate look into Jimin’s creative journey.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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